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QUICK NOTES : 13.9% abv / 1,690 cases produced / hand-harvested / unfined & unfiltered / 100% French oak aged for 10 months / 5 vineyard blend covering three sub AVA's (Eola-Amity Hills, Chehalem Mountains & Yamhill-Carlton) / wild raspberry & cherry blossoms 

INSIDER NOTE : After selling through the 2015 vintage in less than 6 months, we are thrilled to have a follow-up vintage that is even stronger and more outgoing. There is also more of it – over 600 cases more! We had such an outstanding cellar of barrels to blend from – it was difficult to recall a time when so many reserve and single vineyard contenders made their way into our Willamette Valley. The result shows! 



QUICK NOTES : 12.9% abv  /  550 cases produced  /  hand-harvested & whole cluster pressed  /  stainless steel fermented and raised  /  poached pear & apple  /  bright acidity

INSIDER NOTE : The Gris took on a new personality for 2016, largely driven by the latest addition to our vineyard portfolio, Yamhill Springs. This fantastic older vine Gris lends a tremendous fruit forwardness, even in the face of late August pick dates! Perhaps a slight style departure from the 2015, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

QUICK NOTES : LIVE Certified Sustainable  /  La Cantera Vineyard, Chehalem Mountains AVA  /  155 cases produced  /  11.9% abv  /  whole cluster pressed  /  citrus blossom & strawberry  

INSIDER NOTE : We take our Rosé seriously! No saignée here! We dedicated 100% Pinot Noir vines from our flagship estate vineyard each year to this project. The Pinot Noir for our rosé is often amongst the first fruit in the winery each year – picked early to retain acidity and elegance, avoid higher sugar ripeness, and preserve the complexing and bright aromatics. 

QUICK NOTES : 13.9% abv  /  1,050 cases produced  /  100% barrel aged for 10 months  /  10% whole cluster  /  3 vineyard blend : La Cantera, Sylvia's & Robinson 

INSIDER NOTE : To say we re excited about this particular WV PN would be an understatement. The 2015 could easily be our strongest edition to date, showing as much depth and intensity as we could ask for. But, just wait, the 2016 is going to give it a run for its money!

QUICK NOTES : 12.1% abv  /  99 cases produced  /  1.8% RS  /  IRF Profile : medium dry  /  manually crushed before a 48 hour cold soak  /  mandarin orange & apricot

INSIDER NOTE : McIvor Vineyard, one of the primary sources for both our Riesling and Gewürztraminer is a gem of a place. 25+ years old at this point, this little site is putting out some incredibly exciting wines. Look for some single vineyard bottlings down the road! Owner Carol McIvor can always be counted on for some Gewürztraminer jam at the end of harvest! 

QUICK NOTES : 13.3% abv  /  100 cases produced  /  barrel fermented and barrel aged  /  aged for 10 months on lees  /  sourced from two Chardonnay sites : Bunker Hill & Robinson

INSIDER  NOTE : The 2014 Reserve Chardonnay is just a 4 barrel composition from two stellar Chardonnay sites. The beauty of this wine lies in the unique characteristics of each vineyard and their ability to compliment one another. Bunker Hill has grown in prominence over the last few years and will no doubt continue to get attention. 

QUICK NOTES : 13.4% abv  /  333 cases produced  /  aged 12 months in French oak barrels on lees  /  5 months bottle age before release  /  strawberry bramble & dried rose petal

INSIDER NOTE :  We work a fairly typical 3-tier Pinot Noir program. Willamette Valley PN comprises our estate vineyards, Willamette Valley Reserve is a barrel selection from the strongest sites, the goal being our best expression of the Willamette Valley and vintage as a whole, and finally, the single vineyard designated wines are born from the best barrels of our best vineyard sites and blocks. 

QUICK NOTES : 13.5% abv  /  110 cases produced  /  aged 15 months in 15% new French oak  /  25% whole cluster fermented  /  deep red cherry, sweet spice & dusty floral elements  /  LIVE Certified Sustainable

INSIDER NOTE :  Following up the '12 single vineyard La Cantera won't be easy! The exciting part is how dramatically different the recently released '14 is showing from the departing '12. We are back with a more classic Laurelwood soil profile of blazing red fruit, sweet spice and white pepper. The tannins are finer and more integrated than we saw with the '12 at this stage in its life.  

QUICK NOTES : 13.6% abv  /  124 cases produced  /  aged 18 months in French oak  /  50% whole cluster fermentation  /  robust, deeply red fruited, forward and exotic  / LIVE Certified Sustainable

INSIDER NOTE : Not all stems are created equal! We have spent years honing our whole cluster techniques, and just like grapes, stems have their own levels of ripeness. We don't decide whole cluster percentages until the fruit arrives at the winery and we can best decide how to incorporate them, if at all. There are certainly vineyards that generally lend better than others to whole cluster, and CHV stems can make a beautiful contribution – although the percentages can vacillate dramatically from year to year. 

QUICK NOTES : 13.4% abv  /  105 cases produced  /  aged 10 months in neutral French oak barrels  /  long, slow 23 day fermentation and post soak  /  dark berry, cassis, plum with spicy white and black pepper

INSIDER NOTE : Dolcetto is a bit of a passion project for us. We dream of it being center stage at barbecues across America, doing what it does best, complimenting casual food in a casual setting, but until then, we will keep spreading the word!

QUICK NOTES : 13.1% abv  /  just 50 cases produced  /  sourced from Murto Vineyard, a cooler, higher elevation site in the Dundee Hills  /  10 months neutral barrel age  /  bottled unfiltered

INSIDER NOTE : The Murto Gris was a bit of an exercise in exploring a new direction for Pinot Gris and elevating it beyond the bright, quaffable examples we generally see as the norm. From a fantastic vineyard site is where this Gris began. It then spent a good clip in barrel, completed malolactic fermentation and came out the other end a uniquely rich and complex example with broad textures and only subtly softened acidity. 

QUICK NOTES : 13.5% abv  /  108 cases produced  /  residual sugar 2.8%  /  IRF Profile medium dry  /  sourced from Juliard Vineyard (45 years old) in the Dundee Hills  /  peach stone & bright citrus

INSIDER NOTES : From a tiny block in arguably one of the best vineyards in the Dundee Hills comes some of the oldest Riesling out there! Capable of delivering great complexity, we have been know to push it very hard in the vineyard, letting it hang, shrivel, dehydrate and botrytize if conditions deem fit. The sad part is the 2014 is the second to last vintage, as the old vines were grafted over to Chardonnay after 2015. 

QUICK NOTES : 13.2% abv  /  110 cases produced  /  1.8% residual sugar  /  IRF Profile medium dry  /  sourced from Juliard Vineyard (44 years old) in the Dundee Hills  /  honeydew, meyer lemon & candied ginger

INSIDER NOTE : 2013 was a year that thew us endless curve balls. The rains set in a few weeks into harvest an remained unrelenting for what seemed like an eternity. Certainly a challenge for Pinot Noir, we were able to embrace the year with our Juliard Rielsing. We allowed a heavy amount of botrytis to set, picked and fermented based on the intensity to which it took hold. In essence a "clean", "medium" and "heavy" fermentation. The results were exciting to say the least, and the complexity is still unfolding. 

QUICK SUMMARY : 13.5% abv  /  145 cases produced  /  1/3 whole cluster  /  Dijon clone 115 Pinot Noir  /  LIVE Certified Sustainable  /  Eola-Amity Hills AVA  /  Jory, Nekia & Woodburn soils  /  sweet spice and bramble, wonderful stem influence,  black cherry and cola 

INSIDER NOTE : We just opened a bottle the other day (7/27/2017) and we can easily say this wine is still hitting its stride. Elegant and dark, with whole cluster contribution that you wish you could replicate on every wine. Here we are, 5 years later, and the 2012 Z'IVO is really starting to get profound and exciting. 

QUICK SUMMARY : 13.6% abv  /  125 cases produced  /  100% destemmed  /  Wadenswil and Pommard clone Pinot Noir  /  Yamhil-Carlton AVA  /  LIVE Certified Sustainable  /  15 months in French oak  /  rich pomegranate, vibrantly red fruited, floral, powerful

INSIDER NOTE : 2012 was a perfect storm for single vineyard designated wines at WC. Almost every top site was deserving of a label in '12. The criteria is specific though – to wear a SV label the wine must not only be great, but it must express both the vintage and the vineyard. The 2012 Carlton Hill is classic, sexy, red fruited and deliciously satisfying. 

QUICK SUMMARY : 13.4% abv  /  72 cases produced  /  42 year-old Pommard clone Pinot Noir  /  northwestern corner of the Willamette Valley AVA  /  cherry, granite, orange peel and sweet spice

INSIDER NOTE : The 2012 Wirtz was a really stands out as atypical for 2012. Beautifully elegant, the finest tannin structure and very gentle sweet fruit define the wine from this exceptionally old vineyard. It has been the single vineyard bottling from the 2012 family that has been the most subtle in its evolution and is just now getting to a point where its full potential is visible. This was also the last year we worked with Wirtz Vineyard – the incredible old-vine Gewürztraminer will be missed! 

QUICK SUMMARY : 13.5% abv  /  147 cases produced  /  33% whole cluster  /  Wadenswil clone Pinot Noir  /  Chehalem Mountains AVA  /  15% new oak for 15 months  /  LIVE Certified Sustainable  /   deep dark cherry, seamless, earthy, rustic

INSIDER NOTE : More of a transformation than an evolution, the 2012 LCV PN is nearly gone, but what remains is now so deep and brooding and earthy that it still gives us pause every time we taste it. The intensity of the fruit is so rich and balanced and so complexed by the most subtle Brett influence, which took years to make an appearance and was quite unexpected!

QUICK SUMMARY : 13% abv  /  840 cases produced  /  Vineyards sourced : La Cantera, Z’IVO Vineyard, Carlton Hill, Illahe /  10 months on lees in French oak,  then an additional 5 months in barrel off lees/  LIVE Certified  /   tart cherry compote, strawberries, raspberries, and bramble 

INSIDER NOTE : Not only was 2012 outstanding for single vineyard level wines, the Reserve was a gem. The family of vineyards working together here had amazing diversity, with vineyards covering 3 sub-AVA's (Chehalem Mountains, Eola-Amity Hills, and Yamhill-Carlton) as well as the wonderful Illahe vineyard. A true composition of what it means to have Willamette Valley on a bottle.