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Current releases

Scroll down through our most current lineup from the WC cellar. From youthful seasonal favorites like Rosé and Pinot Gris to our most age worthy single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, this is a snapshot of what we have available to you now! 

Polaroid 2016 WV PN.jpg

2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

vineyards sourced : La cantera (chehalem Mountains ava), sylvia's (eola-amity hills ava), yamhill springs (yamhill-carlton ava), Robinson (willamette Valley) & Four winds (Willamette Valley)

Alcohol : 13.9%

Cases Produced : 1,690


Following relatively ideal back-to-back vintages, 2016 had big shoes to fill. Harvest came even earlier than the previous year, while the days were still warm, sunny and long. Crops were healthy and balanced, yields were low, and flavors expressive. We enjoyed a picking window that spanned over a month for this wine, with Sylvia’s arriving first on the 27th of August and Four Winds, at 600+ feet in elevation, holding out until almost October. 

Astounding energy and freshness accentuated by outgoing aromas of off-the-bush wild raspberries, springtime floral elements, sage and sandalwood. The palate is forward, juicy and approachable, brimming with flavors of sweet Hood strawberries and balanced with easy tannin and bright acidity. The Willamette Valley Pinot Noir was structured perfectly for a gentle 10 month élevage in French oak barrels to add depth and texture while retaining its defining freshness and approachability. 

Polaroid 2016 Rose Canvas.jpg

2016 rosé of pinot noir

vineyard source : la cantera (chehalem mountains ava)

alcohol : 11.9%

cases produced : 155


Gentle aromas of orange blossom and grapefruit peel mingle with the classic floral and raspberry bramble notes you can expect from a rosé of Pinot Noir. Just a touch of flesh on the mid palate is carried by a beautiful mineral presence through the finish. Elegant, agile and fresh with mouthwater- ing acidity beckoning you to take another sip. 

For our direct press rosé, the dedicated grapes are picked at lower ripeness than would be suitable for a red wine, and often among the first fruit in the building at the start of harvest. Pressed whole cluster, the juice settled overnight, then racked and fermented in barrel to enhance texture. 

Polaroid 2016 WV PG.jpg

2016 Willamette valley pinot gris

vineyards sourced : yamhill springs (yamhill-carlton ava), confluence & river heights

alcohol : 12.9%

cases produced : 550


Following relatively ideal back-to-back vintages, 2016 had big shoes to fill. Harvest came even earlier than the previous year, while the days were still warm, sunny and long. Crops were healthy and balanced, yields were low, and flavors expressive. 

A deliciously sweet-fruited Pinot Gris. The 2016 enjoys some riper fruit elements than in years past, showcasing a core profile of apple and poached pear. More subtle notes almond, quince paste, and even hints of pineapple and vanilla extend the complexities. The retention of bright acid on the finish and moderate sub-thirteen percent alcohol lends direction and balance to the excitement! 

Polaroid 2015 WV RS.jpg

2015 willamette valley riesling

vineyards sourced : McIvor (25+ yrs old) Landing Eagle (11 yrs old) 

alcohol  : 12.1% 

residual sugar / irf profile : 1.8% / medium-dry

cases produced : 99


Hand harvested. Clusters are manually crushed, and left to soak on skins at 38 degrees for 48 hours before being pressed and cold settled. The juice is then racked to stainless steel tank, inoculated, and cold fermented for 6 weeks until the desired balance is reached.

The 2015 Willamette Valley Riesling is showing incredibly energetic primary fruit, akin to mandarin orange and dried apricot. The honeyed complexion and contribution from the extended skin contact adds unique breadth and width to the mid palate. As is the case with all fine Riesling, an ever present acidic snap does the heavy lifting from start to finish! 

Polaroid 2015 WV PN.jpg

2015 willamette valley pinot noir

vineyards sourced : La Cantera (Chehalem Mountains AVA), Sylvia’s (Eola-Amity Hills AVA) & Robinson (Willamette Valley) 

alcohol : 13.9%

cases produced : 1,050

aging : 10 months minimum in 100% French oak 


After experiencing a record hot and plentiful year in 2014, 2015 was eager to stay in the vein of warm, dry, early and abundant. Great weather rode through bloom and fruit set and carried the crop all the way to harvest. Achieving ripeness was never an issue! 

Delivers a level of intensity and excitement we were thrilled to capture in our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Ample in structure with a robust, but sleek, tannin profile and degree of depth that we might be accustomed seeing in reserve level wines. Rich strawberry and blackberry flavors mingle with layers of deep rose, coffee and allspice aromas. Serious in its youth, but tempered by a sweet midpalate and pretty disposition, the 2015 will stand the test of time if it lasts that long! 

Polaroid 2014 dolcetto.jpg

2014 dolcetto

vineyard sourced : Jubilee vineyard (eola-amity hills ava)

alcohol : 13.4%

cases produced : 104

aging : 10 months in 100% neutral French oak 


The beautifully clean fruit from this ideal year allowed us to be very gentle and unhurried. Hand harvested grapes were destemmed and punched down daily as the fermentations began slowly and uninoculated. After 23 days on the skins the wine was pressed. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. 

A long slow fermentation allowed for a very deep but gentle extraction. This becomes evident in the pure and lilting violet floral notes that introduce the wine. Brooding at first, the intensity and complexity of aroma builds with minutes in the glass until bright floral notes mix with dark boysenberry and cassis supported by earth and spice. The rich and generous palate sails effortlessly on to a long finish. 

Polaroid 2014 Reserve Chardonnay.jpg

2014 reserve chardonnay

vineyard sourced : 50% Bunker Hill, 50% robinson vineyard

alcohol : 13.4%

cases produced : 100

aging : 10 months in French oak, less than 25% new 


Elegant in style and approach, the 2014 Reserve Chardonnay offers a seamless balance elevated by multiple pick dates and the blending of 2 unique vineyard sites. Robinson Vineyard brings an effortless fruit-forward- ness to the resulting wines, defined by rounder, broader textures, upfront approachability and subtly more tropical aromas and flavors. Bunker Hill Vineyard lends sophisticated restraint, a Chablis-like tension in the stony citrus fruit and a complex mineral palate. Together the result is a wine that is expansive and rich on the attack, but tightens up some on the energetic finish. The Reserve Chardonnay is delicious right now, but poised with the ample structure and acidity to age beautifully. 

Polaroid 2014 Reserve PN.jpg

2014 reserve pinot noir

vineyard sourced : 50% La Cantera (Chehalem Mountains AVA), 30 % Carlton Hill Vineyard (Yamhill-Carlton AVA), 20% Folie Hill Vineyard (Dundee Hills AVA) 

alcohol : 13.4%

cases produced : 333

aging : 12 months in French oak barrels


2014 was marked by dry, warm weather. An effortless and early path through ripening resulted in abundant and remarkably balanced fruit. In the months that followed, it was clear that an exceptional Reserve Pinot Noir was taking shape. 

An expressive nose of dried rose petal, tart cherry, wild strawberry and raspberry bramble stands prominently and in balance with a palate that is graciously ripe and balanced with bright acidity and a modest alcohol level. The weight and mouth feel are lifted and sleek with a generous, sweet mid-palate and very fine, evolved tannins on the finish. The Reserve is vibrant and energetic in its youth and will be eager to evolve in bottle over the next 8-10 years. 

Polaroid 2014 Murto Pinot Gris.jpg

2014 murto vineyard pinot gris

vineyard sourced : murto vineyard, dundee hills ava

alcohol : 13.1%

cases produced : 50

aging : 10 months in neutral French oak barrels


The grapes were hand harvested at peak balance between flavor development and freshness. Whole clusters were pressed to juice and cold settled for 48 hours. The juice was then racked to old neutral barrels and inoculated.  After 10 months in barrel, the wine was racked and bottled without sterile filtration. 

This is an exciting new direction for Pinot Gris for Walnut City. The extended fermentation and barrel aging time on lees gave the wine a tremendous full body that balances beautifully with the serious acidity lent by the Dundee Hills soils. Lovely floral and stone fruit introduce this wine but the marriage of broad silky texture with freshness and vibrant acid structure really steal the show. 

Polaroid 2014 LCV PN.jpg

2014 La Cantera Vineyard pinot noir

vineyard sourced : la cantera vineyard, chehalem mountains ava

alcohol : 13.5%

cases produced : 110

aging : 15 months in 15% new French oak barrels


Some fermenters were completely destemmed and some were 100% whole cluster. 25% wholecluster in the final blend. All of the lots saw a 48 hour cold soak with daily pumpovers. The fermenters were warmed and continued uninoculated with twice daily foot treading on the whole cluster lots and punchdowns on the destemmed lots.

Depth and intensity defines the nose of the youthful 2014 La Cantera Vineyard Pinot Noir. The classic sweet spicy and dusty floral elements of this 30-year-old hilltop vineyard jump from the glass making a strong show of matching the layers of deep red cherry, pomegranate and bramble. Lovely clarity and elegance seem to balance the wildness and generosity of the fruit. An exciting, age-worthy, single-vineyard edition from our flagship vineyard! 

Polaroid 2014 Carlton Hill PN.jpg

2014 carlton hill vineyard pinot noir

vineyard sourced : carlton hill vineyard, yamhill-carlton ava

alcohol : 13.6%

cases produced : 124

aging : 18 months in French oak barrels


Carlton Hill Vineyard is beautifully situated 11-acre site in the heart of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Its east facing slopes pick up the first of the morning sun, lending gentle ripening and shady relief in the hot afternoons. CHV sits at an elevation ranging between 420 and 480 feet and is comprised of Willakenzie and Peavine soils. 

Carlton Hill Vineyard consistently delivers standout Pinot Noir known for lending robust, deeply red-fruited characteristics to the resulting wines – and the 2014 is no exception! Its weaves powerfully exotic elements with youthful tension, no doubt making this wine fascinating to watch unfold as the months and years pass. We love how the flash and forwardness compliment the more rustic, finessed wines in our portfolio. 

Polaroid 2012 ZIVO Pinot Noir.jpg

2012 Z'IVO vineyard pinot noir

vineyard sourced : Z'ivo vineyard, eola-amity hills ava

alcohol : 13.5%

cases produced : 145

aging : 15 months in 1/3 new French oak barrels


Z’IVO Vineyard is located in the Eola-Amity Hills, on Jory, Nekia and Woodburn soils. The block that we sourced for Walnut City was on top of the hill approximately 400’ with Dijon Clone 115 and primarily Jory soil. 

Initially brooding, but given some time this wine yields aromas of black cherry and cola mixed with notes of sweet spices and bramble. The palate is super silky with incredible richness on the mid-palate. The volume is tremendous given its apparent moderate weight and density. Just a long, harmonious finish that is super smooth. This will continue to gain aromatic complexity as well as sweeten with time. Delicious now, but the patience to leave 1-5 years in the cellar will be rewarded. 

Polaroid 2012 Carlton Hill Pinot Noir.jpg

2012 Carlton Hill vineyard pinot noir

vineyard sourced : carlton hill vineyard, yamhill-carlton ava

alcohol : 13.6%

cases produced : 125

aging : 15 months in French oak barrels


Grapes were completely destemmed and cold soaked for 48 hours. The fermenters were warmed and continued uninoculated with twice daily punch-downs. 

Delicate and sweet floral elements emerge reluctantly in this youthful wine and given a few minutes in the glass, red fruits of pomegranate and raspberry arrive. Light notes of toast and cocoa mingle with the fruits as well and hint that much is still hidden in this youthful wine. Most distinguishing about this wine is the incredi- ble length it currently displays promising a delicious future and it should become much more expressive over the next few years and will cellar wonderfully. 

Polaroid 2012 Wirtz Pinot Noir.jpg

2012 wirtz vineyard pinot noir

vineyard sourced : wirtz vineyard, willamette valley ava

alcohol : 13.4%

cases produced : 72

aging : 10 months in French oak barrels


Wirtz Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in the Willamette Valley as the oldest vines were planted in 1968. The block of Pinot Noir that make up this bottling was 40-42 years old in 2012. The vineyard is located the northwestern corner of the Willamette Valley AVA, outside of Forest Grove. 

While this Pinot is lighter in color it more than compensates with elegance and complexity of aromas. Fascinating mineral notes of granite mingle with dried orange peel, and tea leaves. Allspice and nutmeg give way to aromas of sweet caramel and cherry pie. Very silky harmonious palate from beginning to finish with moderate weight and almost no perceptible tannin. It will continue to get sweeter and more aromatically complex for several years.