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Since 1999, Walnut City has been crafting wines in our historic McMinnville winery, formerly the walnut processing facility that inspired our name. Farmers from the beginning, we now manage over 200 acres of vineyards in the Willamette Valley, and have planted, grafted and grown more than a million vines. It’s that deep understanding and constant oversight that allows us to handcraft truly special wines.  We believe in where these wines are born and that drives our goal of expressing those origins. 



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It was serendipity to find themselves working shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of modern-day Oregon wine pioneers.

For John Davidson and John Gilpin, their meeting in 1984 at one of the first wineries in Yamhill County was the start of an abiding friendship and business partnership based on a mutual love of Pinot Noir. By dint of hard work and a passion for good wine, John D and John G—farmers, nurserymen, and winemakers—have helped grow the Willamette Valley wine industry.

They have grown, grafted, and planted more than a million vines in verdant Yamhill County over the last two decades. Currently they own or manage more than 200 acres of vineyards in the Willamette Valley.

Walnut City WineWorks was created in 1999 by John G and John D. In keeping their focus on their wine-making background, they repurposed the original Willamette Valley Walnut Co. building. The old red building in the heart of historic McMinnville—once nicknamed Walnut City—is a winery that exudes the character of its past without pretension.

After more than 23 vintages, the WineWorks team still takes joy in the process of soils and vines producing grapes they turn into great wine.